L!fe Shoreditch Presents 
The Abstract
Curated by Hatched Gallery

L!fe Shoreditch is pleased to present The Abstract, showcasing five abstract expressionist painters that reject the idea of Cold Abstraction. 

Exhibiting works by Jim Cross, Michael Hayes, Jean Pierre Roffi, Ginny Scadeng, and Chris Vervain. The artist are inspired to paint by a combination of Action and Colour field painting, Neo-expressionism, Arte Povera, and Lyrical expressionism. 

The painters use colours in an emotional way speaking to the viewer’s senses.  Each of the artist use stylized techniques to create artworks. 

Layering becomes a language, balance is born out of purposeful and spontaneous mark-making. Creating narrative read in various ways, depending on the how the viewer connects with the soul behind the art piece. The artist use colour to dramatize or express the drama of the world surrounding. The artwork is consumable by the viewer’s eyes. Each artist risks losing the art piece, as they push it closer to the finishing line. It becomes instinctual to find the completion of a painting. 

Most of the time it can take walking away and coming back to a piece in order to finish it. Other times creating and completion comes as easy as breathing.  Completion is considered finished by artist once the painting leaves possession of the hands that first gave birth.

Private View: Thurs 11th July
Show Runs:  12th July - 31sr August

@ L!FE Shoreditch
The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1 6RU