REMNANTS brings together Ram Samocha's artworks from his energetic drawing performances in one exhibition for the first time.

Hatched Gallery is pleased to present REMNANTS, from the international artist Ram Samocha.  Inspired by his own life experiences, Ram's drawing performances  are immensely physical and expressive.  The end product of his creative endurance are the unique marks left on the wall, canvas or paper stating "I am here".

“As with any committed artist every one of my actions has meaning. To me what is left behind is irreplaceable. Who knows if I can or will be here to create it again."

The show is dedicated to the recorded memories and mark making of Ram's performances since arriving in the UK.  Ram’s performances are full of physical repetitions and laborious rhythms that reflect where his life is going, what he is doing and how best to deal with decisions that lie before him.  In this way his art is a visual representation of the self examination process that we all go through in our own lives.  After the struggle is over there is a relic left behind. Theses remnants are precious and become new art pieces in their own right, allowing the viewer to marvel in the detail of the original gestures made in each performances. 

Hatched Gallery is pleased to announce a bespoke drawing performance to close Ram Samocha’s retrospective exhibition REMNANTS. Saturday 28th June, 2-6 pm.

OCCUPATION, 2014 by Ram Samocha

On Saturday, June 28, 2014 Ram Samocha will be creating a new drawing performance at Hatched Gallery, London. This live action will be the closing event for his latest solo exhibition. This work will be Samocha’s first durational drawing performance, and it will conducted over 4 hours. The audience is invited to catch the exhibition and witiness the performance at any point during the 4 hours. The Artist will be drawing live with water-based markers on paper and the final drawn image will be 800x400cm.

Ram Samocha is an Israeli-born artist, presently resides in Brighton, UK; As an immigrant artist, Samocha focuses on the issues of personal and global transformation by combining traditional drawing skills with video, animation, and performance.

Drawing is a seminal element in Samocha’s practice as it allows him to work with very basic media. Samocha often works on temporary surfaces and uses a personal artistic language that speaks via abstraction and the physical process of repetitive line-based actions.

Ram Samocha is a studio artist at ]performance s p a c e [ London. His work is part of various museum and private collections and has been shown in The UK, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, the United States and Canada.