Curated by Hatched Gallery

Hatched Gallery as a part of Islington Exhibts is pleased to present The Journey North featuring works by the artist group BEDDOW’N’BATTINI; an interactive exhibition inspired by London’s ‘True Inhabitants’ combining literature and visual arts.

Uniting writers, artist and animator in a celebration of storytelling, the show takes you on a physical pilgrimage from N7 to N1 in order to view art pieces inspired by London. Writers set out upon locations from Croydon to Holloway Road creating stories; culminating in the unique visual animation that can be viewed using the free Aurasma mobile app.

The Journey North is a continuation of their previous exhibition Journey East to South. Each painting is a depiction of how the London streets spoke to the artist. By combining the elements of animation and literature the works become lively and interactive mimicking the streets of London. In return, the art speaks back to the viewer. 

BEDDOW’N’BATTINI share their experience of city living and enthusiasms for imagination with their collaborative artworks. They set out on a journey to speak about London and instead London spoke to them.

Hatched Gallery believes that curation is an art form all of its own and if done well, has the potential to spawn art exhibitions greater than the sum of their parts.

BEDDOW’N’BATTINI are a collective based in south London, coming north for Islington Exhibits

Journey North will be at the following 4 locations:

Canal 125: 125 Caledonian Road, N1 9RD

Wed 17 July - Wed 31
Mon-Thu 12-9pm, Fri-Sat 12-2pm, Sun 11am-5pm
Exhibition Opening:
Tue 23 July 6-9pm

Commune Cafe: 29 Corsham Street, N1 6DR

Wed 17 - Wed 31 July
Mon-Fri 9-5pm, Sat 12-4pm
Exhibition Opening:
Tue 30 July 6-9pm

Metro Imaging: 32 Great Sutton Street, EC1V 0NB

Mon 15 - Wed 31 July
Mon - Fri 8.30 am - 7 pm

Piebury Corner: 209-211 Holloway Road, N7 8DL

Mon 8-Sun 21 July
Tue-Thu 11-9:30pm, Fri-Sun 10-5pm
Exhibition Opening:
Tue 16 July 6-9pm