Upcoming exhibition: Nov 29 - Dec 6 2014

TAKE CARE film screening, Dec 6th at Shortwave Cinema, followed by the final chance to see the interactive exhibition at the Southwark Studio Gallery. 

TAKE CARE and TAKE HEART (installation, VIP Poetry Slam) Nov 29th, 2014. 

The V.I.P Poetry Slam will feature four new and established talents to perform original pieces 'live' inspired from the documentary films by Mohamed-El-Haddi and the themes of dementia, caring and growing old. 

Following this event, artist Blair Lamar will be creating a 'live' mixed-media art performance with a focus on living with dementia, how it can affect others and about the difficulties met when trying to help someone suffering from such a condition.

TAKE CARE and TAKE HEART (installation event) Nov 29th-Dec 7th, 2014

We are pleased to present Mohamed-El-Haddi's documentary films as an interactive installation, in collaboration with Blair Lamar of Hatched Gallery.

The ongoing docu-series tells the life story of 'Family Carer' Vinnette Campbell, who cares for her 90-year-old father, Terence Campbell, suffering from vascular dementia.

Through the mixed-media installation, the visitors are encouraged to explore and understand a carer's experience, challenges and rewards of what caring for someone else involves, using SMART technologies such as iPhones and iPads (Aurasma app).

Last Exhibition:


Sunday, 7th September 2-6pm 

On Sunday 7th September artist Ram Samocha will be finishing his latest drawing performance, which started at the end of June, at the    Hatched Gallery, London. The second part of Samocha’s performance will last for more then two hours. The Artist will be drawing live with water-based markers on paper and the final drawn image will be 800x400cm. Come see the artist at work and witness the creation of the final OCCUPATION image. 


August 14th - September 5th, 2014

Hatched Gallery in partnership with Carpe Diem is pleased to present I AM CONGO. An exhibition that uses various creative art forms to communicate an important message and bring current issues in Congo to light.


July 12th - July 18th, 2014

Hatched Gallery is pleased to present RELATIONS by Blair lamar. The artist explores the point where shape, colour and human form become one. Her abstract paintings engage the viewer's imagination, inviting them to discover and interpret the recognisable shapes amongst the patterns of colour.


June 9th - June 28th, 2014

Hatched Gallery is pleased to present REMNANTS, featuring artworks created by Ram Samocha's performance art. This solo show is dedicated to the recorded memories and mark making of his original drawing performances.

Melted Moon

May 18th - June 1st, 2014

Melted Moon is an exhibition show casing Hitomi Kammai's abstract paintings influenced by Pollock's drip-style paintings. Created through a chemical reaction between glue, acrylic, and polystyrene, the textural rich surfaces created by this process are reminiscent of the craters observed of the Moon. Read More…

The Abstract 

July 11th - Aug 30th 2013

Hatched Gallery is curating The Abstract at L!FE Shoreditch.  The exhibition showcases five abstract expressionist painter that reject the idea of Cold Abstraction.  Read More..

The Journey North

July 15th - July 31st 2013

The Journey North is our second curation of BEDDOW'N'BATTINI's art work.  This installment takes you on a physical pilgrimage from N1 to N7 in a celebration of storytelling inspired by London locations.  Read More.. 

May 11th - May 24th 2013

An interactive exhibition featuring the artist group BEDDOW'N'BATTINI combining literature and the visual arts, inspired by London’s “True Inhabitants”.

Journey from East to South takes visitors on a dynamic journey of creativity, mapped out by London locations such as: Liverpool Street, Petticoat Lane, Whitechapel, Bermondsey, Southwark, and Cutty Sark.

The show invites viewers to take in an eclectic mix of art media, including interactive animations, live drawing, oral and written language.

Nov 12th - Dec 2nd 2012

Go Bananas! is a group show of fine art inspired in some way by the banana. Hatched Gallery challenged our artists to create their own iconic works of art with The Banana in mind.