Cameron Jones
"I <3 Bananas" first began with the needle point I created working towards a concept I thought was the direction I desired, but after the creative process went into execution mode, it took on a life of it's own, tapping into my childhood memories.

After hand painting and cutting out hundreds of tiny bananas, I saw them sitting there in a pile of different hues of yellow, and automatically they reminded me of fall leaves. After living in Los Angeles for years, the fall time in Portland is still something I cherish so much because it reminds me of my hometown back in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In fact, the little girl doll I made, is a little self portrait come to life. As I began filming, and had bananas on my mind, I began to think more and more about the banana in and of itself. About how tasty they are, about the peel and about composting them. I felt it only to be natural that the magical banana leaves once combined with the little girl's joy, would fertilize the ground to once again bring about spring. With out trees and the oxygen they gift us with daily, we would not be able to have our joys, I thought it was time we gave back to them.