Go Bananas! Nov 12th - Dec 2nd 2012

Hatched Gallery is currently holding a call for artists with established work practices, to be motivated by an object that has been inspiring the art and entertainment industries for decades, The Banana! 

Using the banana (or bananas) as the source of inspiration, we hope to spawn an exhibition that is stimulating, thought provoking and above all, humourous.

The Banana has been entertaining viewers for over a hundred years in film, on stage, in print and in music. Vaudeville first began using a banana for slapstick comedy and to make audiences laugh through physical humour.
Even the most dexterous performers couldn’t combat the power of a banana peel and its ability to make one slip and fall. Banana shortages in the 1920’s prompted famous melody’s like, “Yes, We Have No Bananas”, by Silver and Cohn.

Andy Warhol helped make banana-imagery famous as a result of his celebrated album cover for, The Velvet Underground & Nico – so famous in fact that The Warhol Foundation was sued over the rights to the iconic image. More recently, graffiti artist Banksy produced the notorious image of a scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, that featured Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta clutching bananas instead of guns. 

The Banana is nourishing, humorous, iconic, and inspirational. Hatched Gallery challenges artists to create your own iconic works of art with The Banana in mind.

Hatched Gallery takes a 30% commission on all pieces sold, and charges a £5 submission fee, payable through PayPal.

Artists will be contacted as soon as possible about accepted work. All accepted artists will pay a further £25GBP to go towards the exhibition

Please send to HatchedGallery@gmail.com:

  • Your PayPal payment of £5.
  • An example of 3 Images of your art work, no larger than 1MB each. 
  • A proposal of the art piece you intend to create. 
  • An Artist statement and CV. 

*If you already have works that are banana-inspired please include them as one or more of your 3 images along with a short statement on how or why the banana inspired you. 

Entries will be taken from now until October 23rd 

Hatched Gallery will professionally handle all art work, but we cannot guaranty its safety.  Please understand that submitting art work is at the artist’s own risk.