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Take Care and Take Heart (installation event) November 2014, TBA

We are pleased to present Take Care and Take Heart as an installation by Mohamed-El-Haddi, in collaboration with Blair Lamar of Hatched Gallery. This installation emerges from a two-part documentary, Take Care (2011-2) and Take Heart (2013) by Mohamed-El-Haddi. The ongoing series tells the life story of Ms Vinnette Campbell, a 'family carer' caring for her 90-year-old father suffering from dementia. 

This exhibition explores a firsthand experience of a family carer artistically documenting Vinnette caring for her father, obstacles presented on a daily basis and her perseverance through this trying time. 

The mixed-media installation allows the audience members to be proactive and autonomous by breaking down the contents of both films into sections showcasing the most powerful and meaningful scenes, in turn creating an interactive journey into the world of caring. 

The project conveys to the viewer a genuine view of day-to-day care for someone. The fact is that not everyone can be a family carer but one expects a 'non-family carer' to treat a relative with just as much consideration and patience as Vinnette displays.

From the personal to the public, this theme challenges the hearts and the minds of every person; there is no escape from growing old. Viewers gain a clearer empathy by experiencing Vinnette's life through video diaries, interactive set up utilising personal effects and Vinnette's point-of-view videos.