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We are popping up at Shortwave Cinema on December 6th to present TAKE CARE, by conceptual artist Mohamed-El-Haddi. As part of our screening, we are offering a dinner and a movie fundraiser and giving the proceeds to the charity Dementia Concern. 

The dinner, which is a caribbean buffet-style dinner starts at 12:45. The film will start around 14:20, followed by a Q&A session, after.  

TAKE CARE is the first film in an ongoing series of artistic documentaries (TAKE HEART, TAKE PRIDE...) that follows the life and work of 'Family Carer' Vinnette Campbell, who cares for her 90-year old father, Terence Campbell, who suffers from dementia. 

The artist takes us through the reality of the trail and tribulations that comes with being an at-home family carer , 24/7. The film documents a  firsthand experience of Vinnette's life story, showing her caring for her father, the obstacles presented on a daily basis and her perseverance through this trying time. 

From the personal to the public, this topic challenges the hearts and the minds of every single one of us, allowing us to think about the way we interact with others, how much care and attention we give others and what we can do for others…in order to help.

TICKETS for the events are as follows and can be paid by calling Blair on 0796 665 9893 at the gallery, Wednesday - Sunday, 11am-7pm, Or Edible Event Click here or if you have an account via paypal, click here by  using hatchedgallery@gmail.com

Dinner and a Movie ticket  £20.00

Film only  £10.00

Dinner only  £14.00

For a chance to get discounted tickets like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter @hatchedgallery or visit our exhibition. We are popping up with security codes all over. 

Prior to our screening at Shortwave Cinema, we invite you to our exhibition space at Southwark Studios to explore what caring for someone means through an interactive installation featuring excerpts from the film. 

VIP poetry slam is scheduled, in which poets will be performing original pieces, inspired from the films, growing old and dementia.  

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